Filmmaker, kinda.


A music video I wrote, directed and storyboarded for a uni class in October 2021.

The Actor Who Forgot They Were In A Movie

A noir-style comedy short from May 2021.

Hey there, I'm TempusWare. I'm a filmmaker, web developer, and (former) animator.

I have a YouTube channel, Twitter page and Letterboxd profile.

Behind the scenes of Bran Runner 2021 Behind the scenes of Devil of the Hallway Behind the scenes of Raindrops
Daredevil thumbnail

The Devil of the Hallway

A tribute to the Daredevil one-shot hallway fight scene. Posted in December 2020.

How to get a girlfriend

A lonely man embarks on a quest for companionship. Posted in February 2021.

Minecraft Doctor Who

Nov 2014 - Oct 2020

Third Doctor Adventures

The Third Doctor titles from Season 11 with scenes from The Sea Devils and Carnival of Monsters. Posted in October 2020.

Breaking the Wall thumbnail

Breaking the Wall

The Twelfth Doctor's climatic 'breaking the wall' scene from Heaven Sent. Posted in November 2018.


The Seventh Doctor titles from Season 24. Posted in May 2016. Clean version here.

Sutton Titles

The Fourth Doctor titles from Season 18. An updated version of my first video on TempusWare from two years prior. Posted in April 2016. Clean version here.

Sinking into water The Doctor's velvet coat

Club Penguin Era

Feb 2011 - Dec 2020

Penguin Bells, 7 Years Later

In 2013, we made a parody of 'Jingle Bells'. Seven years later, we reflect on the masterpiece.

Justin78596: 10 Years Montage

A montage of my Club Penguin videos from 2012-2020. Posted in February 2021 on the 10th Anniversary of Justin78596.

Community Endeavours (Ep.XVI)

The second episode of a skit-comedy machinima series created by a community of Club Penguin fans during the time around its shutdown. Posted in February 2017.

Treehouse Fire (Ep.XXVII)

Medieval themed comedy skits. The thirteenth episode of #WaddleOnRewritten. Posted in June 2018.

McCoy TARDIS Profile Club Penguin collage