Animator, Writer, Director.

Hey there, I'm TempusWare. As a fan of movies, TV series and games, I've made various videos and other creations based off things that have inspired me.

Here's a collection of my most notable projects.



A machinima series of comedy skits.

In 2017, the virtual world of Club Penguin shut down. A team of players of the game wrote comedy skits and recorded their avatars acting them out on fan-made versions of the game. I was the lead writer/director/editor of the series and produced 17 episodes (128 skits) over 17 months.

Also released under the #WaddleOnRewritten banner were a line of comic strips written and drawn by Gunslinger and a graphic novel collaboration written by R0RiE and I, drawn by various artists of the Club Penguin community. The project started in 2017, was abandoned in 2018 and was completed in 2019 as a reconstruction of the finished artwork and written text.

Many years prior, in 2013 - before #WaddleOnRewritten, I made another sketch-comedy machinima series on the original Club Penguin. Unlike #WOR, skits were made on the fly with no scripts written in preparation. 14 episodes and 7 shorts were made with help from my school friends. This was the beginning of my journey in screen media.

Ben 10

A fan-made animated series.

From 2016 to 2019, I created fan-made Minecraft animated shorts featuring the characters from Ben 10. In late 2019, I started a series of connected shorts that follow Ben Tennyson as he battles the enemies of Minecraft.

In 2021, I made my first short featuring a more mature theme and voice-acted characters. This was my first short to include swearing and murder. WOOHOO!

Doctor Who

Title sequences and scene recreations.

In 2014, Harri Williams hosted a collaboration in the Minecraft Doctor Who community. Participants created fan-made recreations of the Doctor Who title sequences in the cubic art style of Minecraft. My contributions to the project were recreations of the 1970, 1981 and 1984 titles. After the project concluded, I continued to recreate the remaining title sequences - using software such as Mine-imator, Camtasia Studio 8, and eventually HitFilm Pro and Blender - as I joined the Minecraft Doctor Who community.

6 years on, I've made over 10 animations and 11 title sequence recreations.